Terms and Conditions

    1. The Terms and Conditions listed below govern the access and use of the Mobile Application (iOS and Android) hereinafter called “the Mobile Application”, or use of the Web Application hereinafter called “the Website” that enables you to send a remittance instruction to Metro Remittance Singapore Pte. Ltd. (MRSPL) to remit money to the Philippines (“the Service”).
    2. In the present Terms and Conditions, the terms “we”, “us”, “our” refer to Metro Remittance Singapore Pte. Ltd. (MRSPL) and “you”, “your”, “client”, “customer”, “sender” refer to any person who registers, and/or uses the Service.
    3. It is important that you understand that access and use of the Service is conditional on your acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions.
    • “Mobile Application” means a mobile phone application owned and operated by Metro Remittance Singapore Pte. Ltd. (MRSPL) to provide online remittance instruction services and the related information.
    • “Web Application/ Website” means a online web application owned and operated by Metro Remittance Singapore Pte. Ltd. (MRSPL) to provide online remittance instruction services and the related information.
    • “Compliance Officer” mean one or more officers of MRSPL who are responsible for compliance of Remittance Regulations, Anti-Money Laundering Legislation and other applicable laws.
    • “Fees” means the charges and fees we charge to you for the Service, as applicable, in accordance with the price list published on the Application, or the prices or rates that we communicate to you before we issue a confirmation email, or as provided in these Terms and Conditions.
    • “Force Majeure Event” means any of the circumstances referred to in clause 21.d;
    • “Malicious Code” means computer viruses, Trojans, software locks, drop-dead devices, malicious logic or trap door, worms, time bombs, corrupted files or other computer programme routines that are intended to delete, disable, deactivate, damage, detrimentally interfere with, surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any systems, data, personal information or property of another.
    • “Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)” is the financial regulatory authority in Singapore that is responsible for overseeing all financial institutions in Singapore.
    • “Prohibited Purpose” means any unlawful purpose (whether such illegality arises in the country from which the funds are transferred or where they are intended to be received or in any territory with jurisdiction over the Sender or the Beneficiary) including, without limitation, the transfer or receipt of payment for illegal activities, the transfer of funds which constitute proceeds of crime or money laundering or which are obtained by illegal activity, the transfer of funds for the purpose of funding illegal activity, the transfer of funds for the purpose of avoiding the seizure of such funds by law enforcement authorities or under orders of any court of law, and any transfer of funds without the permission of their owner.
    • “Beneficiary” means the person who receives the money through the Service.
    • “Reference Number” means the unique number for a “cash pick-up” transaction. Your beneficiary will be required to provide this number to our Philippine partners in order to “pick-up”/receive the amount transferred.
    • “Client” or “Sender” means the person who initiates the remittance instruction through the Service.  This Service is only made available to clients/senders residing in Singapore.
    • “Transaction” means every remittance instruction that you initiate using the Service.
    • The Metro Remittance Singapore Pte. Ltd. (MRSPL) mobile or web application enables the customer to do the following:
      1. To register as a first time user or login as a returning user. 
      2. To allow the customer to register new beneficiaries. 
      3. To allow the customer to send a remittance instruction to MRSPL.  
      4. To allow the customer to amend or cancel Transactions subject to the terms below.
    • The Transaction is only completed and successful when all the following procedures are accomplished:
      1. An instruction is received by MRSPL via the Mobile Application/Website;
      2. The customer has performed payment via (personal) online banking to MRSPL; and  
      3. The Transaction has been processed by MRSPL into their Remittance Frontend System (RFS).
    1. Metro Remittance Singapore Pte. Ltd. (MRSPL) is a company incorporated and licensed under the laws of the Singapore (company reg. no. 200405249M) engaged in the business of remittance with its office located at 304 Orchard Road #01 - 86/87/88 Lucky Plaza Singapore 238863.
    2. Metro Remittance Singapore Pte. Ltd. (MRSPL) is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).
    3. We can be contacted via the following means:
      • Address: 304 Orchard Road #01 - 86/87/88 Lucky Plaza Singapore 238863
      • Email using the email address: [email protected]
      • Customer Service Hotline: +65 6734-4648 /+65 6734-2748
    • Upon registration, the new client must fill in all the following information via the mobile application/ website:
      1. Name (Last, First, Middle)
      2. Birth Date (DD/MM/YY)
      3. Birth Place
      4. Source of Funds (Salary, Business Income, Retirement, Funds from Spouse, Others)
      5. Complete Singapore Address
      6. Mobile Number
      7. Email Address
      8. Gender
      9. Civil Status
      10. Nationality
      11. Occupation
      12. Employer’s Name
      13. NRIC/Passport No.
      14. Issue Date of ID (DD/MM/YY)
      15. Expiry Date of ID (DD/MM/YY)
      16. Resident or Non-Resident
      17. Beneficiary Name (Last, First, Middle)
      18. Beneficiary address (Philippines)
      19. Telephone No. (Philippines)
      20. Relationship
      21. Purpose of Remittance (Family Support, Savings, Financial Support, Purchase of Property, Loan Repayment, Investment, Payment, Others)
      22. Mode of Payment: Bank to Bank / Cash Pick-up
      23. Receiving Bank (bank in the Philippines) / Account Name
      24. Branch Name
      25. Account No.
    • To comply with MRSPL’s Know Your Customer (KYC) policy, the client must make a one-time visit to the MRSPL office at 304 Orchard Road, #01 - 86/87/88 Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863.  KYC compliance is a requirement before the new client may be registered to use the Mobile Application / Website.

  6. DOCUMENT REQUIREMENTS – Clients are required to bring their NRIC or Passport, and Proof of address when they visit the MRSPL office for verification purposes and to comply with regulatory requirements of face-to-face KYC procedure.  Proof of address may be a utility bill, credit card bill, telephone bill, bank statement, etc.

  7. CONFIDENTIALITY & PRIVACY – Your personal information will be treated and processed securely and in strict accordance with the Data Protection Policy of MRSPL.  For more details and information regarding the confidentiality, privacy, and security, please refer to our policy at the “Notice section” of the Mobile Application/Website.
  8. ENABLEMENT OF MOBILE APPLICATION – Upon verification of the client’s registration and completion of the KYC procedures, including such other requirements or procedures that may be required or performed by MRSPL to comply with KYC, the client will receive an email via their registered email address, which will enable the client to activate the Mobile Application/Website. 
  9. LOGIN AND PASSWORD – The system-generated email will contain the client’s RemitterID information and temporary password.  During initial login, the client is required to change their password on the Mobile Application/Website.   Clients are reminded to use a strong password and not to share their password with anyone.
  10. REGISTRATION OF NEW BENEFICIARY – An existing client may register a new Beneficiary via the Mobile Application/Website.   A One Time Passcode (OTP) will be sent to the client’s registered email address to complete the verification.   The client must wait for email confirmation that the new Beneficiary has been verified and uploaded into the system, before they are able to send to the new Beneficiary. 
  11. REMITTANCE INSTRUCTION – An existing client may send a remittance instruction using the Mobile Application/ Website.  The client will select their registered Beneficiary to whom they will remit funds. Upon completion of the instruction, the system will send an OTP to the client’s registered email address, which is needed to confirm the remittance instruction.
  12. FUNDING OF REMITTANCE - The client will now need to fund their remittance instruction by sending payment via online banking (i.e. Fast And Secure Transfers “FAST”, MAS Electronic Payment System “MEPS”) to the bank account of MRSPL within an hour. The client may also visit the MRSPL office and pay over the counter. PERSONAL/PHYSICAL DEPOSIT TO MRSPL's DBS ACCOUNT IS NOT ACCEPTED.
  13. TRANSACTION IS COMPLETED - A Transaction is completed when:
    1. An instruction is received by MRSPL via the Mobile Application/ Website;
    2. The client has performed payment via online banking, or has made an over the counter payment at MRSPL office; (PERSONAL/PHYSICAL DEPOSIT TO MRSPL's DBS ACCOUNT IS NOT ACCEPTED.)
    3. Lastly, the transaction has been processed by MRSPL into their Remittance Frontend System (RFS). 
  14. TRANSACTION LIMIT – Transactions have a daily limit amount of SGD10,000.  However, if you are sending more than the daily limit, you will need to personally visit the office of MRSPL to complete the transaction, and sign MRSPL’s AML form, and submit Proof of Source of Funds (e.g. bank statement, withdrawal slip, IRAS, Certificate of Employment, payslip, etc.).  Please visit us at 304 Orchard Road #01 - 86/87/88 Lucky Plaza, 238863 Singapore.
  15. FULFILLMENT OF TRANSACTION – MRSPL will only fulfill the remittance instruction if the client / remitter / transferor / payee / bank account name that will appear in MRSPL’s bank account as inward credit are the SAME as the remitter name in the Mobile Application/ Website instruction.  Any errors in this information will be indicated in the Transaction Status of the Mobile Application/ Website, which will reflect that the instruction was rejected and will state the reason for such rejection.    
  16. TRANSACTION STATUS – The client may review the status of the Transaction through the “Transaction Status” page on the Mobile Application/ Website.
  17. TRANSACTION CUTOFF – For both remittance instructions via the Mobile Application/ Website and customer payment via online bank transfer, the cut-off time is at 6:00 p.m. in order to be processed on the same day.  Otherwise it will be processed on the following day.
  18. CREDIT TO BENEFICIARY – The receipt of funds by the Beneficiary will be dependent on the following mode of payment:
    1. Metrobank (immediate)
    2. Other banks (next business day)
    3. Cash pick-up (immediate)
    4. Bills payment
  19. NOTIFICATIONS – If the Transaction is completed and successful, the client will be notified and will receive a system generated official receipt via automated email.
  20. RATES AND FEES – The Mobile Application/ Website Foreign Exchange Rate and Fees are all subject to change without prior notice. There will be no special foreign exchange rates for users of the Mobile Application and website.  For Cash pick up transactions, the limit amount is PHP 30,000.00, and only one fixed service fee will be charged.   However, for MLhullier cash pick up transactions, the limit amount is PHP50,000.
    1. We shall not be liable to you or to any third party in relation to the Services, whether for breach of contract, tort (including negligence), misrepresentation, unjust enrichment or any other grounds, for any indirect, incidental, consequential or special damages including any loss of profits or savings or anticipated profits or savings, loss of data, loss of opportunity, loss of reputation, goodwill or business or any economic loss, even if we are advised in advance of the possibility of such loss.
    2. We shall not be liable for any breach of our obligations under the Transaction or the Service to you nor for any failure or delay in performance of any obligations under the Transaction or the Service arising from or attributable to acts, events, omissions or accidents beyond our reasonable control, including, without limitation, where our failure to perform our obligations arise from:
      • an act of God, fire, flood, earthquake, windstorm or other natural disaster, explosion or accidental damage, war, threat of or preparation for war, armed conflict, imposition of sanctions, embargo, export controls, breaking off of diplomatic relations or similar actions, terrorist attack, civil war, civil commotion or riots, pandemic or epidemic, industrial disputes, shortages of raw materials or components, general disruptions to transportation, telecommunication systems, power supply or other utilities;
      • the acts, decrees, legislation, regulations or restrictions imposed by any government or state;
      • the actions or omissions of the third parties;
      • malfunctions in communications facilities which cannot reasonably be considered to be under our control and that may affect the accuracy or timeliness of messages you send to us;
      • any losses or delays in transmission of messages arising out of the use of any internet access service provider or caused by any browser or other software which is not under our control; or
      • any Malicious Code interfering with the Service,
      • each, a “Force Majeure Event”.
    3. Our performance of the Transaction and the Service shall be deemed suspended for the period that the Force Majeure Event continues and the time for performance will be extended for the duration of that period. We will use our reasonable endeavours to find a solution by which our obligations under the Transaction and the Service may be resumed despite the Force Majeure Event.
    4. Nothing in this clause shall:
      • Exclude or limit liability on our part for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence,
      • Exclude liability for our fraud, our wilful misconduct or gross negligence.

    1. You have the legal capacity to enter into legally binding contracts.
    2. The Fees for each Service we have provided to you have to be paid.
    3. You shall comply with these Terms and Conditions as well as with any applicable laws, rules and regulations.
    4. In relation to your registration and use of the Service you will:
      • provide us with your NRIC or Passport No.;
      • supply us with all information and documentation we may ask in order to process your transfer and to comply with any legal requirements applicable to us, including without limitation, the MAS Regulations and the Money Laundering Regulations;
      • update all information you provide to us to keep it accurate, current, complete and true;
      • not use the Service for or in connection with any Prohibited Purpose or attempt to tamper, hack, modify, overload, or otherwise corrupt or circumvent the security and/or functionality of the Mobile Application/ Website or to infect it with any Malicious Code; and
      •  keep your Reference Number secure, you must not share the Reference Number or any other transaction details with anybody except the Beneficiary.
    5. You understand and accept that:
      • We retain information about our users and the transactions that we process as may be required from time to time by applicable laws or by any regulatory authorities;
      • All currency converted as part of the Service will be converted using our rate of exchange (as published on the Mobile Application/ Website or as may be communicated to you before we issue a Confirmation);
      • You will be liable to us for all losses which we suffer or incur in relation to any fraud or fraudulent activity by you;
      • You must contact us as soon as possible if you believe or suspect that a transfer of funds was not executed properly or that the amount has not been received or was only partly received; 
      • It is your responsibility to inform the Beneficiary of the information he/she will need to provide in order to collect the money you sent through the Service (such as personal identification, the exact amount of the Transaction and the Reference Number).
    1. These Terms and Conditions constitute the whole agreement between you and us and supersede all previous discussions, correspondence, negotiations, previous arrangement, understanding or agreement between you and us relating to the subject matter hereof.
    2. You acknowledge that, in entering into the Transaction and the Service and accepting these Terms and Conditions, you do not rely on, or will have no remedies in respect of, any representation or warranty (whether made innocently or negligently) that is not expressly set out in these Terms and Conditions or the documents referred to in them.
    3. Nothing in this clause limits or excludes any liability for fraud.
  24. PROMOTIONS All promotions, or special offers run by MRSPL are subject to promotion specific terms and conditions.
    1. In certain cases, we may conclude promotions, special offers before the end of the advertised period or may prolong the period of a promotion.
    2. MRSPL reserves the right to disqualify certain customers from promotional offers.
    3. In the event that MRSPL reasonably suspects that a user of our service has abused, is abusing or is attempting to abuse the promotion, or is likely to benefit through abuse or lack of good faith from a policy adopted by the MRSPL, then MRSPL may, at its sole discretion, deny, withhold or withdraw from any user any promotion, or rescind any policy with respect to that user, either temporarily or permanently, or terminate that user's access to that user's account.
    4. Current existing promotions of MRSPL namely, “ Free OFW account for beneficiaries; and MBTC Cash Pick Up for SGD 2” are all not available for the Mobile Application and Website users.
    1. The Mobile Application/ Website, the content, the name Metro Remittance Singapore and other names, logos, signs, domain names, email addresses and other indications of origin displayed on the Mobile Application/ Website relating to our products and/or services and all intellectual property (IPRs) relating to them and contained in them (including but not limited to copyrights, patents, database rights, design right, trade-marks,) are owned by us, or our affiliates or third party licensors. Other names and logos of third party product, service and companies displayed on the Mobile Application/ Website may be the trademarks of third parties. You shall not acquire any right, title or interest in any such IPRs by reason of the Services or the Transaction and all right, title and interest in and to the Mobile Application/ Website shall remain our property and/or the property of such other third parties.
    2. You may use the Mobile Application/ Website only for the purpose of the bona fide use of our Services as an individual consumer and only as permitted by these Terms and Conditions or described on the Mobile Application/ Website. You are authorized solely to view and to retain a copy of the screens of the Mobile Application/ Website for your own personal use. The Mobile Application/ Website and the Services may not be used for the purpose of testing the Service or to obtain information about the Service or about us. You are not allowed to duplicate, publish, modify, create derivative works from, participate in the transfer, post on the internet, or in any way distribute or exploit the Mobile Application/ Website or any portion thereof for any public or commercial use without our express written permission. You cannot: (a) use any robot, spider, scraper or other automated device to access the Mobile Application/ Website or to use the Service; and/or (b) remove or alter any copyright, trade mark or other proprietary notice or legend displayed (or printed screens from the Mobile Application/ Website)
    • We value your feedback as it helps us improve our service. We have established internal procedures for complaints. You can make a complaint in writing to us regarding any aspect of the Service through e-mail or via our customer service hotline:
      • Email using the email address: [email protected]
      • Customer Service Hotline: +65 6734-4648 /+65 6734-2748
    • We will investigate your complaint and use reasonable endeavours to revert back to you with the results of our investigation within 7 working days after receipt of your complaint.
  27. CHANGES TO GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONSThese Terms and Conditions are in accordance with the laws of Singapore, and Metro Remittance Singapore Pte. Ltd. (MRSPL) reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions and to terminate the Service and the Mobile Application/ Website at any time. MRSPL also accepts no liability for any use of the Service, the Transaction, or the Mobile Application/ Website that does not comply with these Terms and Conditions.
  28. This material is intended for customers of Metro Remittance Singapore Pte Ltd only. This information is provided for customers to be aware of the terms and conditions of the company. The company reserves the right to amend any fees and procedures without notice. Metro Remittance Singapore Pte Ltd denies any liability that may arise our of any loss or may result in actual, direct or consequential damage from the use or reliance on any material hereof. Reproduction of this material, wether in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited without the prior consent of Metro Remittance Singapore Pte Ltd. You hereby acknowledge that you have read and understood this Disclaimer and agree to be bound by the conditions therein. 
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